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BUCK-TICK Kings Of Our Time At Their "Day in Question"

■BUCK-TICK Kings Of Our Time At Their "Day in Question"
BUCK-TICK "The Day in Question" Dec 29th
at Nippon Budokan

The clock on each side of Nippon Budokan passed 7pm and yet the lights were still on and people kept streaming into the hall looking for their seats, meeting and chatting with friends in different rows. Still, the excitement grew by the second in anticipation for one of BUCK-TICK's annual special lives, decorated with an outstanding set list for sure. And then, in the blink of an eye it turned dark and sound effects, seeming to have the epic feel of a classic concert, drew people towards the stage and from there it was impossible to take one's eyes away. The instruments were set up on two levels on stage, each position being brightly illuminated by spotlights, as mysterious smoke arose from the still empty set of instruments.

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