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 In 2009 JAPAN will set its attention to the WORLD!
We proudly present this year’s Festival of Festivals!
In October 2009 more than 50 artists will participate
in the world’s largest visual-kei festival ever…V-ROCK! 

Special Corner of V-ROCK FESTIVAL

This year, PENICILLIN is celebrating its 17th anniversary. Although the bassist GISHO separated from the band two years ago, all the other members have remained the same from when they had first formed PENICILLIN. For 2009, they released the single ‘BLACK HOLE’ in May, and now they are set to release a new single titled ‘WARP’ on September 2nd. We heard that they were very excited about their appearance in V-ROCK FESTIVAL, so we decided to visit their recording studio to talk about the new single and the live event.

Click here to read the V-Rock Festival Special Interview with PENICILLIN!


Ever since forming the band, D had gradually but steadily expanded its fan base and continued reaching a wider audience. In 2007, while they had still been an indie band they performed at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall [max capacity 4000 people]. In May 2008 they made their long-awaited major debut. All the singles released after their debut have ranked No.10 or higher on the Oricon Singles Chart. On September 12th they will release the much anticipated 4th single ‘Tightrope’.
One day in August we heard that all the members were getting together at a studio in Tokyo to edit the music video of their new single. We decided to head for the studio to conduct an interview.

Click here to read the V-Rock Festival Special Interview with D!

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