ichigo_aiko (ichigo_aiko) wrote in floridajrockfan,

Just Joined! D:

Name/nickname: Carolina (people call me Aki, Aiko, Na, Faget)
Gender:(optional) Girly girl
Age:(optional) 19, gonna be 20 this year
Location(optional) Casselberry/Orlando

Jrock band: MYV, alice nine., Dir en Grey, D'espairs Ray
Jrock soloist: Hide, Miyavi
Jrock song: Got too many to choose from D:
Non-Jrock band: Muse, Within Temptation, other ones I can't think of at the top of my head lolol /lame
Non-Jrock soloist: don't think I have one D:
Non-Jrock song: Muse's Starlight
Food: anything my dad cooks, that man is a god in the kitchen @_@
Drink: strawberry ramune, malta, coffee, and pepsi
Hobby: sewing, drawing, singing in the shower (lol)
Movie: The King and the Clown, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Dark Knight, James Bond movies
Actor: Jun Ki Lee, Christian Bale, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp
Actress: ... I can't think of any right n-Angeline Jolie
TV show:  America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, House
Book: Sabriel, Hex series.
Author: my boyfriend? lmao I don't know
Video game: Final Fantasy IX, Persona 3 : FES, The Legend of Dragoon, Harvest Moon games, Trauma Center, and Elite Beat Agents.

Nice to meet you all! hope to actually have a gathering sort of thing sometime~
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