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Yay, Florida Jrock fans!

Name/nickname:  Tara / Smitty

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Location: Okeechobee, Florida


Jrock band: Dir en grey / ナイトメア/ MYV / Girugamesh / GazettE (and many, many more)

Jrock soloist: Atsushi Sakurai

Jrock song: Way too many to list, but the first I ever heard was "The Final" By Dir en grey...

Non-Jrock band: Nightwish / AFI / Within Temptation / Xandria

Non-Jrock soloist: Don't really listen to soloists :/

Non-Jrock song: "Amaranth" by Nightwish

Food: Mac 'n Cheese =]

Drink: Just water.

Hobby: Sewing / Music / Playing my Saxophone / Beauty (makeup, hair, nails, etc.)

Movie: Titanic / Memoirs of A Geisha / Sweeny Todd / Star Wars

Actor: N/A

Actress: Gong Li

TV show: Don't really watch TV...

Book: Journey To The Center of the Earth

Author: Jules Verne

Video game: Spore / Sims 2 / Tony Hawk's American Wasteland / etc.

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