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Hey guys~
Really nice to have a j-rock community for Floridians; appreciate it.
I live about 1 1/2- 2 hours away from Orlando, in a religious, crappy town with nothing to do.
It'd be cool to make some new friends; maybe hangout every once in a while ^^~
I'm mostly passed the visual jrock phase (buying the clothes like crazy, making myself look like them, etc), but I still love the music, lol.

Name/nickname: Angie or Zane
Gender:(optional) Female
Age:(optional)   18; known the music for about a good 5 or 6 years
Location(optional)  Sebring
Jrock band:   Sadie + Girugamesh
Jrock soloist:   none
Jrock song:   Silent Eve - Sadie
Non-Jrock band:   Mayday (Wu Yue Tian), 2PM
Non-Jrock soloist:  none
Non-Jrock song:   Xiao Tai Yang - Mayday
Food:   hot fries
Drink:   coke & dr.pepper
Hobby:  cutting hair, judo/gong fu, sleeping
Movie:  Eternal Summer
Actor:  none
Actress:  none
TV show:  Ugly Americans, South Park, Family Guy, Degrassi: The Next Generation
Book:  none; though I like to read
Author:   none
Video game:  don't get to play that often  :c

If you want to talk or maybe hangout sometime, add me on facebook:
facebook.com/ji.zane   :)   just please tell me you are from here, thanks~~
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hi i live in orlando i in sanford