AKI (arlequincircus) wrote in floridajrockfan,

lolol... Thought I did this.

Apparently I'm crazy and thought I posted right after I joined! I didn't! Hello!

Name/nickname: Aki
Gender: Female
Age: 21, 22 in May!
Location: Tampa Area

Jrock band: Pierrot, Hi:BRiD, Drop Star Shooting, Lupo Label (and so many more)
Jrock soloist: hide, Kaya, Kirito, Daishi
Jrock song: Friday the 13th (DSS)

Non-Jrock band: Veins of Jenna, Poison
Non-Jrock soloist: Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton
Non-Jrock song: Right now... Like the whole fucking REPO! soundtrack

Food: Soba noodles
Drink: Diet coke plus
Hobby: Photography, role playing, drawing, para-para, singing

Movie: Madagascar 2
Actor: Terrance Zdunich
Actress: Sarah Brightman
TV show: Rock of Love 3 (D: Until last night!)
Book: Waiting
Author: Ha Jin
Video game: Final Fantasy VIII
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