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hello from the south =]

Name/nickname:Frankie or Aiji
Gender: Yay for estrogen! LMAO!
Location: Weston/ Ft.Lauderdale
Jrock band:Diru, Girugamesh, 176BIZ, the GazettE, kannivalism, 12012, deathgaze.....ect.
Jrock soloist:hide<3 and miyavi
Jrock song: hmm, at the moment i like Diru's "Glass Skin", Giru's "Asking Why", Gaze's "LEECH" and that's about it for now.
Non-Jrock band: Bring Me the Horizon, Iron Maiden, Finch, Dance Gavin Dance, AFI, The Used, Between the Buried & Me.
Non-Jrock soloist: David Bowie, Rob Zombie, Conner Orberst
Non-Jrock song:BMH's Diamond's Aren't Forever
Food: spaghetti, chicken salad, bbq eel, rice
Drink: Cherry 7up
Hobby: Guitar, t-shirt customization, painting, sleeping
Movie:V For Vendetta, Milk, Spinal Tap
Actor: Hugo Weaving (lol, i guess)
Actress: The chick who played Juno (forgot her name)
TV show: Spongebob!
Book: The Great Gatsby, Hamlet, The Heroine Diaries.
Author:F. Scott Fitzgerald
Video game: Anything with zombies
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