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Hi~ [23 Jul 2012|01:51am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone! Is this group still alive? 
I live in the Orlando/Winter Park area and I'm a vocalist looking to start a jrock/vkei band. If you play guitar/drums/bass/keyboard or piano, don't hesitate to email me at hanabiflare@gmail.com

Thanks! \m/(^_~)\m/

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Some question... [05 Nov 2011|10:05pm]
Hi there~

Did anybody still watching this community? lol
Well,  I would like to know if  there is some store that sells VK CDs, DVDs or whatever, in Orlando.

If someone could ask me, I'll be glad.
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Download the Japan Nite 2011 compilation for free from HearJapan! [09 Mar 2011|11:34pm]

Download the Japan Nite 2011 compilation for free from HearJapan!
Yokohama, Japan — March 10th, 2011 — The Japan Nite tour is about to
take the US by storm once again, and HearJapan is excited to offer up
an exclusive sampler of music from the bands!

HearJapan News

This nine track album has music from eight of the bands on the tour.
This year the selection has a rough and raw feel featuring punk, hard
rock and stomping electro from the likes of White White Sisters,
Vampillia, Suck Piggy, Ydestroyde, DJ TERAOKA AND THE REVOLUTION and
Lolita 18. The smooth grooves of sonodaband and ZUZUKANASISTERS serve
as perfect counterpoint. The entire compilation will grab listeners by
the scruff of the neck and never let go. Just like you would expect at
the live show!
Fans of the crazy underground Japanese scene might be excited to know
that Vampillia is made up of a large number of big names, like
Chikada, the drummer of World's end girlfriend. There is also drummer
Tatsuya Yoshida from Ruins and Korekyojinn. Then there is Toyohito
Yoshida from exBOREDOMS. In total they have three singers, three
string players, two drummers and more!
Japan Nite is the longest running US tour to exclusively feature
Japanese bands. They always have an excellent line-up of bands both
old and new, known and unknown. You will find a lot to love, so don’t
pass up the chance to catch this exciting show!
You can get the 100% free sampler, more info, images and videos from
the bands through the link below.
HearJapan is the largest and fastest-growing place on the web to
purchase Japanese music of all genres. Featuring over 5,000 artist
profiles in English with 40-second samples of all songs. Over 100
releases are added every week to the currently-available 40,000+ songs
in the 100% DRM free catalog. HearJapan is a great place to find the
hard to find and to explore the unexplored in the world of Japanese
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New free single from visual kei Jrockers Misaruka [22 Feb 2011|10:41pm]


Free Visual Kei MP3

New free single from visual-kei J-rockers Misaruka

Yokohama, Japan – February 23rd, 2011 – Hot on the heels of their recent live performance, vis-kei band Misaruka are releasing their next single for free, right now, on HearJapan!

Misaruka is a hot new band from Japan’s unique visual-kei (vis-kei) rock scene. They’ve played only a couple of times but they’ve already managed to shift over 20,000 free music samplers to their rabid fans!

HearJapan is excited to make their newest single available for free to fans around the world, right now! “Merrow” is a solid yet elegant rock song that’s heavy both on the guitars and the bold vocal delivery. This one doesn’t pull any punches, rocking the listener with its epic metal riffs and more delicate pianos and strings.

You can download this new single for free right now. You’ll also get a ton of bonus content, like a video message from the band and English lyrics. You can also read an exclusive review of the band’s recent live show on the site. Make sure to catch this content-heavy free single now and look forward to more new material in April, also from HearJapan!



Free Merrow download

Live show review (with plenty of exclusive photos!)

More on Misaruka

twitter: http://twitter.com/HearJapan
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HearJapan
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Doremidan LIVE'10 -Raison- September 11th at Shibuya O-WEST [27 Sep 2010|05:34pm]

Tonight, Doremi dan TV will be broadcast live on MJP top page!!

Here is the latest original live report!

Before releasing their new album 'レヱゾン / Raison' on September 29th, Doremidan held a concert at Shibuya O-WEST on September 11th. The live performance had been announced during the final concert of the recent tour '晩春パラフレニア / Bansyun Paraphrenia' at O-WEST [on May 30th].

Despite being announced on short notice...

[Read More...]

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[24 Jun 2010|07:52pm]

[ mood | okay ]

im a 18 girl i live in sanford florida

favorite food: SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
favorite drink: milk

favorite oshare kei bands: Mix Speaker's,Inc. 新興宗教楽団NoGoD LM.C 

favorite  visual kei bands: X Japan SCISSOR ViViD

favorite jpop bands: NEWS AAA Arashi

favorite animes: Iunyasha  sasami magical girls club Fruits Basket

favorite movies: goemon 2009  lion king 10 Promises to my Dog

favorite tv shows: power rangers/super sentai rh plus koizora

Hobby drawing video game japanese anime dramas & movies books  

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Intro*~ [13 Jun 2010|01:29am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey guys~
Really nice to have a j-rock community for Floridians; appreciate it.
I live about 1 1/2- 2 hours away from Orlando, in a religious, crappy town with nothing to do.
It'd be cool to make some new friends; maybe hangout every once in a while ^^~
I'm mostly passed the visual jrock phase (buying the clothes like crazy, making myself look like them, etc), but I still love the music, lol.

*about meCollapse )

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Introductions! [06 Jun 2010|11:21am]

Greetings fellow jrockers of orlando!
It's nice to find a community of other jrock lovers, in this dreaded sunshine state. (-__-;;)
It would be nice to meet all of you~So if you would like to get to know me, just click on the LJ-Cut below!~<3

I hope I don't bore you to death! x///XCollapse )
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BUCK-TICK Kings Of Our Time At Their "Day in Question" [15 Jan 2010|07:42pm]

■BUCK-TICK Kings Of Our Time At Their "Day in Question"
BUCK-TICK "The Day in Question" Dec 29th
at Nippon Budokan

The clock on each side of Nippon Budokan passed 7pm and yet the lights were still on and people kept streaming into the hall looking for their seats, meeting and chatting with friends in different rows. Still, the excitement grew by the second in anticipation for one of BUCK-TICK's annual special lives, decorated with an outstanding set list for sure. And then, in the blink of an eye it turned dark and sound effects, seeming to have the epic feel of a classic concert, drew people towards the stage and from there it was impossible to take one's eyes away. The instruments were set up on two levels on stage, each position being brightly illuminated by spotlights, as mysterious smoke arose from the still empty set of instruments.

Read the whole article here!!


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Doremidan, Memories of the Five Members Will Never Fade [14 Jan 2010|07:46pm]

Episode 149: Doremidan, Memories of the Five Members Will Never Fade

Hi everyone! This is musicJAPANplus writer kanako!
Recently on a whim I've decided I should more fully enjoy Japan. So on my days off I've been visiting lots of different places. Even though I was born and raised in Japan, there are many things I didn't know about my country. I'm making new discoveries everyday! I was amazed to find traditional Japanese-style houses still remaining here in Tokyo...During one of my quests for novel surprises I headed to Omotesando FAB!!
.......→ Continue to read...

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GPKISM and Seileen looking for Street Teamers in Jacksonville [10 Jan 2010|01:45pm]

GPKISM and Seileen will be coming to Jacksonville on Feb 6th for their first ever performance in Florida! However, local promotion has been almost non-exsistant, and the bands fear that the turn out will not be good, preventing them from coming back to FL! We are currently looking for street team members to help us promote GPKISM and Seileen's up-coming show!

As of right now, we are in need of a street team leader and members in the Jacksonville, FL to do heavy local promotion! If you are interested, please contact Tainted Reality's Roger (Who is coordinating the national street team effort) at http://www.myspace.com/taintedrealityradio or his e-mail

Thank You so much for your support!
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V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09 Fashion Show Report [21 Nov 2009|08:48pm]

[VRF × MJP] V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09 Fashion Show Report

'V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09' was held on October 24th and 25th at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls 9-11. During the world's biggest live event [department store] Laforet Harajuku and [fashion magazine] KERA jointly held a fashion show called 'Laforet×KERA V-ROCK Collection'. In two days about 12,000 fashion and music fans enjoyed the show that took place on the S-STAGE. Although the atmosphere surrounding the stage was markedly different from the others, the fans were all equally excited. For the fashion show, artists leading the visual-kei industry lent a helping hand as well. Each artist became a model for each participating fashion brand. Fans of the musicians were treated to a rare spectacle.

Read the whole report here!

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More photos of V-ROCK FESTIVAL!! [10 Nov 2009|08:44pm]

 We have updated the photo book of V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09 today!
Find more photos here!!

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[VRF × MJP] V-ROCK FESTIVAL SPECIAL INTERVIEW with Doremidan, DaizyStripper and PENICILLIN!! [23 Oct 2009|06:59pm]

 DoremiDan successfully finished the first Akasaka BLITZ live concert in August, and has announced to release a major labeled album 「ドントレットミーダウン/Don't let me down」on November 25. Also, for the first time after 7 years from the debut, they will participate in V-ROCK FESTIVAL. They said they were really excited when they heard the news because they just loved festivals so much. Not only their live show but the whole festival will bring you a lot of fun with the appearance of DoremiDan. Here we deliver their messages ahead of the show.


Throughout the interview there were many moments where everyone burst out laughing. The merry, dangerously energetic five members of DaizyStripper will perform at V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09! As you will be able to tell from this interview, the members all love to have fun. Their personalities can be felt directly from their music and performance on stage. On November 4th they will release their first EP 'THE BEAUTY', and on December 13th they are going to hold a concert at Akasaka BLITZ for the first time. Keep your eyes locked on DaizyStripper!!

[VRF × MJP] PENICILLIN presenting themselves in their own way!

V-ROCK FESTIVAL'09 is only one day away!
We have published the handwritten answers of the artists every Tuesday, but this time we will present a very special version! 

Finally, it became PENICILLIN's time to express their enthusiasm for V-ROCK FESTIVAL'09!
The band is known as one of the greatest Visual-kei bands ever. 
You can expect that they will have a bigger impact on the audience than any other bands on the stage!

By the way, HAKUEI will appear in the fashion show as a model too!
If you are interested in what clothes he will wear on the stage, check the list of the brands featured in the show among the news. 

See Chisato's cute drawing and how enthusiastic O-JIRO is!

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New Interview : Art Cube [08 Oct 2009|10:43am]


Rokkyuu had a chance to sit down with the experimental Visual Kei band Art Cube, and talk with them about their current plans, upcoming concerts, and what they're like on the road! Art Cube describes their music as "Tribal Gothic", and have released 3 singles to date. They will be embarking on a European tour this month!

{ Check out the Interview Here! }
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MIYAVI Special Corner & Handwritten Interview Updated at MJP!!! [08 Sep 2009|01:16pm]

 Hey fans of Miyavi's! We musicJAPANplus has opened a special corner of MIYAVI!

An MJP writer will accompany雅-miyavi- on his tour and provide around-the-clock coverage. We’ll report on anything and everything that goes on behind the scenes, and post an assortment of exclusive articles you won’t see anywhere else!

Click here!

At the same time, we released a handwritten interview with MIYAVI!
You have to check it out!

Click here to read the whole article!!


In March 雅-miyavi- announced that he was ‘graduating’ from his management agency. In April he brought fans to tears as he performed for the very last time as a member of PS COMPANY. He also established his own record label ‘J-glam’…
It has been 5 months since then, and after a long break雅-miyavi- has come back to MJP. He is now a father.

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 In 2009 JAPAN will set its attention to the WORLD!
We proudly present this year’s Festival of Festivals!
In October 2009 more than 50 artists will participate
in the world’s largest visual-kei festival ever…V-ROCK! 

Special Corner of V-ROCK FESTIVAL

This year, PENICILLIN is celebrating its 17th anniversary. Although the bassist GISHO separated from the band two years ago, all the other members have remained the same from when they had first formed PENICILLIN. For 2009, they released the single ‘BLACK HOLE’ in May, and now they are set to release a new single titled ‘WARP’ on September 2nd. We heard that they were very excited about their appearance in V-ROCK FESTIVAL, so we decided to visit their recording studio to talk about the new single and the live event.

Click here to read the V-Rock Festival Special Interview with PENICILLIN!


Ever since forming the band, D had gradually but steadily expanded its fan base and continued reaching a wider audience. In 2007, while they had still been an indie band they performed at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall [max capacity 4000 people]. In May 2008 they made their long-awaited major debut. All the singles released after their debut have ranked No.10 or higher on the Oricon Singles Chart. On September 12th they will release the much anticipated 4th single ‘Tightrope’.
One day in August we heard that all the members were getting together at a studio in Tokyo to edit the music video of their new single. We decided to head for the studio to conduct an interview.

Click here to read the V-Rock Festival Special Interview with D!

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[12 Jul 2009|03:56pm]

Sorry, didn't see the introduction thing. D:

Name/nickname: Sarah/ Rah-Chan
Gender: F
Age: 16 1/2
Location: FL
Jrock band: GazettE or Versailles
Jrock soloist: Miyavi
Jrock song: Too many. :P
Non-Jrock band: KoRn
Non-Jrock soloist: Don't listen to non-JRock music enough to have a favorite. >_>
Non-Jrock song: Hmm... Right Now or Good God by KoRn
Food: Sushi~ :3
Drink: SOBE lifewater® XD
Hobby: Listening to music and drawing.
Movie: Too many. X3
Actor: -shrug-
Actress: Ziyi Zhang or Kim Yoon-Jin
Book: Too many.
Author: -shrug-
Video game: Sims
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JRock people of Florida~ [12 Jul 2009|03:45pm]

I'm organizing a meet up for JRock fans in Florida.
So if your interested, here's the site!! :D


The more people know about it, the faster it'll happen. ^-^
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Metro in Tampa! [04 Jun 2009|02:37pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Who is going to Metro-con in Tampa on 19-21! If so meet up with me!

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[04 May 2009|12:14am]

[ mood | tired ]

Name/nickname: mR.tOSHIYA
Gender: Describe gender?
Age: 16
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Jrock band: Nightmare
Jrock soloist: Miyavi
Jrock song:  At the moment.. Miyavi- Coin Lockers Baby
Non-Jrock band: SHINee
Non-Jrock soloist: Unknown
Non-Jrock song: SHINee- Noona You're So Pretty
Food: Any'tizers bites. xD
Drink: Orange Juice
Hobby: Photography
Movie: Slumdog Millionaire
Actor: Leonardo Dicaprio
Actress: Sandra Bullock
TV show: Don't watch TV much
Book: Define "Normal"
Author: N/A
Video game: Mario Kart Wii

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[26 Apr 2009|12:33pm]

Name/nickname: Jesi
Location: Palm Bay, Florida
Jrock band: The Gazette
Jrock soloist: Miyavi
Jrock song: Jibun Kakumei - Miyavi
Non-Jrock band: The Bird and the Bee
Non-Jrock soloist: Kate Nash
Non-Jrock song: Bad Girlfriend - Theory of a Deadman
Food: Nachos
Drink: Orange Juice
Hobby: Writing
Movie: The Spirit
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Angelina Jolie
TV show: House
Book: As Simple As Snow
Author: Holly Black
Video game: WoW
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Just Joined! D: [05 Apr 2009|02:52pm]

Name/nickname: Carolina (people call me Aki, Aiko, Na, Faget)
Gender:(optional) Girly girl
Age:(optional) 19, gonna be 20 this year
Location(optional) Casselberry/Orlando

Jrock band: MYV, alice nine., Dir en Grey, D'espairs Ray
Jrock soloist: Hide, Miyavi
Jrock song: Got too many to choose from D:
Non-Jrock band: Muse, Within Temptation, other ones I can't think of at the top of my head lolol /lame
Non-Jrock soloist: don't think I have one D:
Non-Jrock song: Muse's Starlight
Food: anything my dad cooks, that man is a god in the kitchen @_@
Drink: strawberry ramune, malta, coffee, and pepsi
Hobby: sewing, drawing, singing in the shower (lol)
Movie: The King and the Clown, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Dark Knight, James Bond movies
Actor: Jun Ki Lee, Christian Bale, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp
Actress: ... I can't think of any right n-Angeline Jolie
TV show:  America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, House
Book: Sabriel, Hex series.
Author: my boyfriend? lmao I don't know
Video game: Final Fantasy IX, Persona 3 : FES, The Legend of Dragoon, Harvest Moon games, Trauma Center, and Elite Beat Agents.

Nice to meet you all! hope to actually have a gathering sort of thing sometime~
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Yay, Florida Jrock fans! [03 Apr 2009|09:42pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Name/nickname:  Tara / Smitty

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Location: Okeechobee, Florida


Jrock band: Dir en grey / ナイトメア/ MYV / Girugamesh / GazettE (and many, many more)

Jrock soloist: Atsushi Sakurai

Jrock song: Way too many to list, but the first I ever heard was "The Final" By Dir en grey...

Non-Jrock band: Nightwish / AFI / Within Temptation / Xandria

Non-Jrock soloist: Don't really listen to soloists :/

Non-Jrock song: "Amaranth" by Nightwish

Food: Mac 'n Cheese =]

Drink: Just water.

Hobby: Sewing / Music / Playing my Saxophone / Beauty (makeup, hair, nails, etc.)

Movie: Titanic / Memoirs of A Geisha / Sweeny Todd / Star Wars

Actor: N/A

Actress: Gong Li

TV show: Don't really watch TV...

Book: Journey To The Center of the Earth

Author: Jules Verne

Video game: Spore / Sims 2 / Tony Hawk's American Wasteland / etc.

Speak your mind?

Hiya~ [16 Mar 2009|09:38pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hmm... I never got around to introducing myself when I first joined this community. D:

Name/nickname: Demi
Gender:(optional) Female.
Age:(optional) 18.
Location:(optional) North Palm Beach.

Jrock band: Dir en grey & D'espairsRay. Holy mann. XD
Jrock soloist: Between Sugizo & Sakurai Atsushi.
Jrock song: Ohgod.. way too many. One of my all-time favorites is 'Tainted World' by D'espairsRay though.
Non-Jrock band: Muse/Linkin Park/Deftones/HIM. I really can't choose. -__-;;
Non-Jrock soloist: Hmm...
Non-Jrock song: Wow.. I have no idea.
Food: Japanese food - forever & always~
Drink: Ramune - no lie.
Hobby: Listening to music, drawing, whatev.
Movie: Zoolander. :D
Actor: Johnny Depp, Adrian Grenier, Keanu Reeves, Christian Bale.
Actress: Scarlett Johansson.. hmm.. can't really think of any others.
TV show: I recently got into nip /tuck. XDDD
Book: 'Everybody Hurts'
Author: Uh...?
Video game: Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, Tekken.

Nice to meet you ~ [:

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lolol... Thought I did this. [16 Mar 2009|08:59pm]

Apparently I'm crazy and thought I posted right after I joined! I didn't! Hello!

Name/nickname: Aki
Gender: Female
Age: 21, 22 in May!
Location: Tampa Area

Jrock band: Pierrot, Hi:BRiD, Drop Star Shooting, Lupo Label (and so many more)
Jrock soloist: hide, Kaya, Kirito, Daishi
Jrock song: Friday the 13th (DSS)

Non-Jrock band: Veins of Jenna, Poison
Non-Jrock soloist: Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton
Non-Jrock song: Right now... Like the whole fucking REPO! soundtrack

Food: Soba noodles
Drink: Diet coke plus
Hobby: Photography, role playing, drawing, para-para, singing

Movie: Madagascar 2
Actor: Terrance Zdunich
Actress: Sarah Brightman
TV show: Rock of Love 3 (D: Until last night!)
Book: Waiting
Author: Ha Jin
Video game: Final Fantasy VIII
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hello from the south =] [16 Mar 2009|04:16pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Name/nickname:Frankie or Aiji
Gender: Yay for estrogen! LMAO!
Location: Weston/ Ft.Lauderdale
Jrock band:Diru, Girugamesh, 176BIZ, the GazettE, kannivalism, 12012, deathgaze.....ect.
Jrock soloist:hide<3 and miyavi
Jrock song: hmm, at the moment i like Diru's "Glass Skin", Giru's "Asking Why", Gaze's "LEECH" and that's about it for now.
Non-Jrock band: Bring Me the Horizon, Iron Maiden, Finch, Dance Gavin Dance, AFI, The Used, Between the Buried & Me.
Non-Jrock soloist: David Bowie, Rob Zombie, Conner Orberst
Non-Jrock song:BMH's Diamond's Aren't Forever
Food: spaghetti, chicken salad, bbq eel, rice
Drink: Cherry 7up
Hobby: Guitar, t-shirt customization, painting, sleeping
Movie:V For Vendetta, Milk, Spinal Tap
Actor: Hugo Weaving (lol, i guess)
Actress: The chick who played Juno (forgot her name)
TV show: Spongebob!
Book: The Great Gatsby, Hamlet, The Heroine Diaries.
Author:F. Scott Fitzgerald
Video game: Anything with zombies

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Intro Yay! [11 Mar 2009|08:52pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Since there hasn't been any posts since my birthday last year, I'm gonna liven this place up. Mighty words for someone who is usually a lurker!

Name/nickname: Vonnie, though people call me Momo (bad dye job, scary thing)
Gender:(optional) I'm a lady!
Age:(optional) Mid 20s
Location(optional) Okeechobee - not a fun place to be

Jrock band: the GazettE
Jrock soloist: Hyde
Jrock song: Can't choose just one ^^
Non-Jrock band: Sevendust or Nonpoint
Non-Jrock soloist: Billy Idol or David Bowie
Non-Jrock song: Right now it's Space Oddity by David Bowie. It changes on a daily basis.
Food: changes with my mood
Drink: water
Hobby: sewing and knitting
Movie: Sid and Nancy
Actor: Alan Rickman
Actress: Emma Thompson
TV show: CSI: Miami and How It's Made
Book: Q&A by Vikas Swarup (now being published as Slumdog Millionaire)
Author: J.K. Rowling (Yeah, I'm a huge dweeb)
Video game: Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

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New! [29 Nov 2008|12:00pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello, guys! I just made this LJ. Feel free to add me :D

Name/nickname: Pokyu
Gender:(optional) Female
Age:(optional) 15 (16 tomorrow)
Location(optional) SW FL
Jrock band: Dir en grey
Jrock soloist: N/A
Jrock song: Right now, It's Diru's BUGABOO
Non-Jrock band: Korn
Non-Jrock soloist: N/A
Non-Jrock song: Engel - Rammstein
Food: Apples
Drink: Water
Hobby: Drawing
Movie: Underworld
Actor: Jim Carrey/Takumi Saito
Actress: Michelle Rodriguez/Kate Beckinsale
Book: N/A
Author: N/A
Video game: Final Fantasy series

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[17 Nov 2008|05:08pm]


I have a question under the cut.

Read more...Collapse )
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